My Place of Escape

7b516d322478f2ee13e87471993be7c1I love the beach. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean. Anytime I see the perfectly blue-green sea I take a deep breath of salty air and let out a sigh of relief. It’s my place of escape.

My son is still getting used to the sand and the waves. He doesn’t understand just yet all the noise that the ocean makes and is skeptical about the water. I keep telling him that the water will not hurt him and that he’s ok as long as daddy is near. Funny how that is, right? When you’re little everything around you seems so big and monstrous. Large bodies of water, shadows, cars, animals, and buildings can all be scary and overwhelming to such a little person. As we get older, our perspectives change, but the fear can often times still be present. Instead of little things like shadows we are afraid of more inanimate objects like the future, our debt, or our occupation (or lack thereof). The real world can be scary especially in light of recent tragedy in Orlando. Even in places that seem magical scary things can happen. There is hope through the dark clouds that may surround us…our Daddy is near.

This is why I love the beach so much. It reminds me of how big and immeasurable my Father God is. He spoke that mass of water and everything it contains into existence. That is terrifying in the best way possible because it inspires a sense of awe in me. Knowing that my God is for me – who or what could be against me?  (Romans 8:31) That alone can be a source of strength for any Christ-follower. Any time I feel overwhelmed, un-qualified, fearful or any other unhealthy emotion, I look to who Jesus is and what He says about me. I look to the word of God and I put my trust in the One who makes the waves and who can calm the storms of life with but a simple breath. (Isaiah 51:15; Mark 4:39) Find hope in that today, no matter what you are fearful of.


Week 1

Today would mark the official first week of being “unemployed” and it has actually been a great week! I have been decompressing and have had the opportunity to spend some much needed guy-time with my son. I am so thankful that my wife has been able to pick up some hours to help with our bills during this time of limbo. It has been great to see just how God provides, even in ways we may not expect.

Keep praying for us as we are continually asking God to open the right door for our family. We want to be right in the center of God’s will for our lives and no where else. Right now, today, while I type this, I feel like that’s exactly where we are. We believe God is up to something amazing and we are excited for whatever that may be. We are so thankful for the encouraging texts and prayers. Keep it up!

Taking The First Step

As most of you know, yesterday was my last Sunday as the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at New Season Church. Almost 3 weeks ago, I resigned my position. I did this without having a plan to provide for my family. Sounds stupid and unwise, right? I agree, when you look at it from a strictly humanist worldview. I was always raised to believe (and I will raise my son the same way) that you don’t leave a job until you have a job. Well, I did the complete opposite. However, this was not a snap decision. After fasting, seeking wise counsel, and weeks of prayer, Courtney and I knew that God was calling us to leave. Sometimes God tells you to go, and he only shows you that first step (like Abram in Genesis 12, or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).INDY

I honestly do not know what is next for us. We have countless pastors, friends, and family members praying for us. We appreciate and need all of that, but ultimately we are relying on God. A friend of mine made a wise statement to me during this process. He said, “Chase, your job is not your provider, Jesus is” and that is a statement I have let echo in my mind to this day. I need a constant reminder of God’s provision in my life. The awesome thing is that God knows everything, so even though I don’t know what I will do for a paycheck tomorrow, God has known. We are trusting Him to provide for us and to put us exactly where He wants us to be.

In the meantime, I will be filling in for churches in our area that are without a worship leader, or just need someone to fill in for their worship guy who may need a break. If you know of any churches needing someone to lead worship for them on any Wednesdays/Thursdays or Sundays, please send them my way!

I would also ask you to pray for Pastor Steve, Vickie, and the rest of New Season Church. They have gone through a lot of transition lately and that is never easy. Even though my time at New Season is done, God is not yet done with New Season. Pray specifically that God will send the right people to fill the roles that are lacking. Pray that God will continue to use His church to impact lives for Jesus.

For all those who are praying for us, thank you and please don’t stop! We are excited to see what God has in store for us!

That Time Of Year

Easter is one of the most stressful times as a staff member of a local church. Today I had to remind myself to breathe and remember why we do this. It is not for the fame of any church, song, teacher, but for one man named Jesus. 

If you are in the same field as I am, remember this today: Jesus should be the center of attention. Let’s have an Easter weekend all about the gospel!

The Older I Get, The More I Feel It

Oftentimes when I am speaking to someone I use the phrase, “the older I get, the more I realize…” I don’t believe  I’m an “old man” by any means, but I am learning more and more with each passing day.

Here is my list for today:
The older I get…
…the more I realize how far I still need to go. Whether that’s in my walk with Jesus or the way I lead my family. I’ve a long way to go!
…the harder it is to stay up late. Obviously having a toddler does not help this issue, but I’d honestly rather get up early and enjoy the day than stay up late. The older you get the more you understand it’s not worth it. Thanks to streaming, I don’t have to stay up and watch The Walking Dead live anymore.
…the more precious time with my family becomes. My son is already walking and talking! I remember when he could barely lift his own head, let alone jump up and down and dance whenever he hears drums.

That’s all for now. Time really does fly and the older I get the more I feel it.