A Precious Commodity

Time is a precious thing. It is constant. The clock never stops, unless the batteries die… but TIME still never stands still. With each passing second I am getting older and getting closer to the end. I’m not trying to sound grim, I’m just making a point. One day time will run out for us all.

Last night I woke up around 2:30am. The waking was not out of the norm per se, but not being able to fall back  asleep quickly was the anomaly. My mind was racing and I couldn’t stop it. Usually during these moments I take time to pray. I pray over my family, pray over our church, pray over my work, and so on. As I was praying I just began confessing to God how I have been such a time waster. I have wasted countless hours on pointless things. I believe God was revealing to me how I can better use my time left on the earth. It was not some conspicuous, awe-inspiring revelation. It was simple. It was to the point. Social Media needs to be put in it’s place.

When I was in high school we didn’t have social media. Sure there were Xanga accounts and Myspace had somewhat creeped in, but it hadn’t taken over society as it has now. Think about it, what is the first app you open on your phone in the morning? When you want to kill a little time while you’re waiting what do you do? You look at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or snapchat. You double-tap pictures of people you may or may not know. You tap on click-bait that has all but taken over Facebook. You feel bad about yourself because so and so went on a cool trip but you can’t afford such an extravagant vacation. What a strange little bubble to live in, right? We constantly judge our real lives against the facade of our Instagram/Facebook “friends.” I can think of numerous times that I said something along the lines of, “Well, at least I’m not as bad a parent as so and so. Did you see that photo?” How ignorant of me. This platform has created such a judgmental and honestly creepy society. I remember when I actually had to ask a person about themselves, now I can just read about it. No wonder actual in-person conversations are so hard to come by these days. We are forgetting how to have them.

I’m not saying if you have a social media account you’re an egotistical, vain individual. I have the accounts but I need to have dominion over them. So, my resolution/decision? I’m taking all social media off of my iPhone. My conviction (read that again before you email me…this is MY conviction) is that having these apps on my phone makes it too easy for me to waste precious time. I have enough on my plate to keep me busy: I am a husband, a father, a pastor, and a friend. I have school classes to complete, a house to keep in order, and a family to shepherd. I cannot rob my marriage or my son of the time and effort they need from me so I can look at a screen. I think social media has become an escape for many of us. We escape our reality for seconds of someone else’s life. I’m called by God to steward MY life and not to compare myself to anyone but Jesus. If social media causes me to stumble in that area, then it’s a trap for me. I am choosing to expose it. I don’t know what that looks like down the road just yet, but for now I know that deleting these accounts off my phone will aid my recovery from them.


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