A few weeks ago we brought my 2 year old into the adult worship service with us. He absolutely loves music and he always bounces in my arms to the beat of the songs. On this particular morning he decided to sing, LOUDLY! He sang so loud that at times it hurt my ears. At first this bothered me because I was a little embarrassed by it. Yeah, I’m such a great dad! I’m embarrassed by my two-year-old. Immediately after the blood rushed to my face and as my discomfort was at its apex it hit me: this is the most wonderful sound in the world right now. My little boy didn’t care who was around him. He didn’t care who was listening or watching. He couldn’t care less what others thought of him in that moment. He was proud and excited to sing loudly. Talk about conviction! When is the last time I just belted out my praises to God without a care in the world? God loves to hear me sing regardless of what it sounds like to others around me. When was the last time I was so enthralled in worship of Jesus that all that was around me was dim in comparison to my time with the Savior? It’s been a while.
Most adults have the same problem I do. We don’t like to be heard while singing in church. We just want to blend into the crowd. Honestly, this goes beyond singing in church. This bleeds into our every day lives. I’m honestly a bit jealous of how my son views the world right now. He dances and jukes whenever he hears music. It could be any type of music as long as the beat strikes him in a compelling fashion. If he hears a guitar lick he likes, he plays air guitar and gets this serious look on his face like he’s the one performing it. It is the most innocent, fun, and satisfying sight to see, especially as his daddy. So, your heavenly Father loves to see and hear you sing and dance for him. Granted, you don’t have to subject everyone to your cool dance moves, but I think you get the picture. This week my goal is to live every day caring a little less what those around me think.

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