The Most Wonderfully Stressed Time Of The Year

One year ago today, I was beyond stressed. Christmas Eve services were upon me and so much had to be completed in such a short window of time. Being both the worship leader AND the creative arts pastor is extremely challenging. Not only did I need to think about the flow of songs, arrangements, click tracks, and leading worship, but I also had to be sure the whole service made sense at the end of the day. I will say, the one thing that is great about doing two jobs at once is that the disagreements with myself were few and far between!

Now that I am no longer part of the creative process on a Sunday morning, the stress level has reduced exponentially. Granted, I stress over different things during certain seasons but its not the unhealthy stress that I was experiencing. There is a difference between feeling stressed because of the season you’re in and being stressed 365 days of the year. If you’re experiencing the latter, let’s talk.

The encouragement I would give to those who are gearing up to lead Christmas services is this: relax. Take a deep breath and remember who is in control. Its not you. Of course this is something I have to remember every day, but its a truth we all have to embrace. I don’t want to use the same old cliche we always use, “Jesus is the reason for the season,” but it is the reality of Christmas. I hope we all can point to Jesus this week and the fact that He is the One we should be promoting. Whether you’re a worship leader, a staff member at a church, or an attender, let’s celebrate Jesus this week! Merry Christmas! 



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