My Place of Escape

7b516d322478f2ee13e87471993be7c1I love the beach. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean. Anytime I see the perfectly blue-green sea I take a deep breath of salty air and let out a sigh of relief. It’s my place of escape.

My son is still getting used to the sand and the waves. He doesn’t understand just yet all the noise that the ocean makes and is skeptical about the water. I keep telling him that the water will not hurt him and that he’s ok as long as daddy is near. Funny how that is, right? When you’re little everything around you seems so big and monstrous. Large bodies of water, shadows, cars, animals, and buildings can all be scary and overwhelming to such a little person. As we get older, our perspectives change, but the fear can often times still be present. Instead of little things like shadows we are afraid of more inanimate objects like the future, our debt, or our occupation (or lack thereof). The real world can be scary especially in light of recent tragedy in Orlando. Even in places that seem magical scary things can happen. There is hope through the dark clouds that may surround us…our Daddy is near.

This is why I love the beach so much. It reminds me of how big and immeasurable my Father God is. He spoke that mass of water and everything it contains into existence. That is terrifying in the best way possible because it inspires a sense of awe in me. Knowing that my God is for me – who or what could be against me?  (Romans 8:31) That alone can be a source of strength for any Christ-follower. Any time I feel overwhelmed, un-qualified, fearful or any other unhealthy emotion, I look to who Jesus is and what He says about me. I look to the word of God and I put my trust in the One who makes the waves and who can calm the storms of life with but a simple breath. (Isaiah 51:15; Mark 4:39) Find hope in that today, no matter what you are fearful of.


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