How To Be A Better Husband

I will be completely honest: I am not the greatest husband. I mess up, make stupid mistakes, fail to lead my wife as I should, and fail to pastor my wife as I am called to. The worst thing I could do is give up. The worst thing I could do is stop trying to make good decisions, stop trying to lead and pastor my wife like God called me to.


So, how do we become better husbands? Here are some ways that I believe we can get closer to God’s plan for our marriages:


1. Love Jesus and pursue Him wholeheartedly
We cannot and will not have a Godly marriage if we are not pursuing a relationship with Jesus. I know firsthand that if Jesus is not the center of your life He will not be the center of your marriage.

2. Pray FOR our wives
Everyday. Every single day we should be praying for our wives. Selflessness is really hard, but this action of praying FOR your wife will help you to continually put her first in your mind and relationship with God.

3. Pray WITH our wives
This is something Courtney and I try to do everyday. Sometimes I am so tired that it’s hard, but consistency is key. Have we missed a night here and there? Yep. It shouldn’t be a religious obligation, just like reading your Bible everyday shouldn’t just be one more thing on the Christian to-do list. Praying with your wife creates intimacy and vulnerability. You are sharing with your wife a conversation that you are having about your marriage, doubts, fears, and everyday struggles with God. That’s pretty amazing when you think of it that way.

4. Stay in the Word
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get on a reading plan if you aren’t already on one. You can find some great ones on the YouVersion App for your smartphone.

5. Listen to Godly men
Every man needs another man to help him grow as a Christian and a husband. This needs to be someone you can have tough conversations with (i.e. a pastor, mentor, counselor, etc.). How are you staying accountable? Listening to sermons is great, but are you actually talking one on one with someone? I meet with a guy at least twice a month if not more to talk about everything that is going on in life. From sex, work, friends, to my relationship with God.


So these are just some quick ideas to help you and I stay on the right track OR get back on track. I am not perfect and will never pretend to be. I have to work at these things constantly. They do not come easy. Marriage is not easy. Life is not easy. The biggest thing I have needed to hear and learn to do is MAN UP! Work hard. Strive to be the best man you can be through Jesus. You cannot do it on your own but only with the help of Jesus. I’m learning with you.


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