Separate The Men From The Boys

So, my wife and I are expecting a little boy this fall. Pretty crazy to think about. It’s very humbling and an honor to become a parent. One thing has started to bother me though…

For some reason I just expected we would have girl. Maybe I thought it would be a little easier. I can love, dote, spoil, and raise a beautiful little girl. But we are having a boy – that changes things.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to be having a boy, it just changes things. So what has been bothering me? All I have heard since we have found out we are having a boy is, “Boys are EASY!”

Ha! Easy?? Sure, boys may not be the clingy type like a little girl might be. Boys can be given a stick to play with instead of a doll. Boys can be dealt with a little more sternly than girls. You can just tell a boy to “rub some dirt on it.” And the list goes on…So does that make it easy?

I think some parents may be missing something. I don’t want to raise a boy… I want to raise a MAN. Not just any man. I want to raise a God-fearing, Jesus-worshiping, God-honoring man. THAT is not easy. By God’s help and grace, the Holy Spirit’s guiding and prompting, and Jesus’ power I trust I can accomplish this. Easy will never be the word I will use to describe it.

You might say, “You haven’t even started yet, so what do you know?” Well, I disagree. I started the moment I said “I Do.” I have been building a foundation since the day I was blessed to marry my bride. I have missed the mark on more than one occasion and I will never be perfect, but I have started the process. How I treat my wife will be how my son treats women. So, yep… I’ve started the job and I get a promotion in several more months.

The culture (world) we live in has changed so much since I was a little dude. The internet can be a powerful tool or a death trap for us. Social Media has all but destroyed personal relationships and don’t get me started on pornography’s hold on our culture. Raising a child in the 21st Century is going to be a challenge no matter the gender. I cannot simply blow off my responsibility as a husband and a father to let things happen or “shake out” as they may. Intentionality will be the word I use to describe how I will strive/struggle to lead my family. I know I will always come up short and I pray I can always come to my wife and son with humility and pick the baton back up.

Time to separate the men from the boys.


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