How Would Jesus Respond?

I do not even know where to begin. After the response to my last post, I am sure this one will fall short… but I want to keep a conversation going if I can.

Over the past several months I have been reading about and following some information on the Millennials. It seems there is an issue with the Church as a whole when it comes to this generation. People ranging from 18 to 30 years old are leaving the Church. Not just a few here and there, but by the hundreds.

There was an article that I read addressing this issue a while back and I encourage you to read it as well. If you do not want to take the time to read it, I will do my best to give you a couple quotes and a central theme to provoke more discussion.

The author, Rachel Held Evans states, “young adults perceive evangelical Christianity to be too political, too exclusive, old-fashioned, unconcerned with social justice and hostile to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.” Interesting topics to think about in light of my last post, huh? Obviously there is a much bigger issue at hand for the Church than cool coffee shops and hip pastors with tattoos.

Ms. Evans goes on to say, “What millennials really want from the church is not a change in style but a change in substance.” Is this true? Is our generation looking for more than what the average local church is offering?

I want to open this topic up for discussion if we can. Why do YOU think Millennials are leaving the church? Is the Church no longer relevant to this demographic? How should the Church as a whole go about reaching this demographic to change the trajectory? How would Jesus want us to respond?



  1. Thomas Skrodzki · December 24, 2013

    I believe this generation is leaving because their needs are not being filled. They are not being fed, they are seeing hypocrisy in the local church, they are seeing people who are very judgmental. They are also seeing many churches focused to much on needing money with explaining the biblical basis of tithing and the biblical need for money. Many church’s are not teaching they are lecturing.
    I could go on and on but then I would be blogging in a comment 🙂

    • chasegentes · December 25, 2013

      Interesting thought on the lecture instead of a sermon… Haven’t thought of it that way.

  2. Timothy D. Fite · December 24, 2013

    I think they are leaving because it’s getting harder to be a Christian in a society that’s run amuck with sin and continually tries to justify, excuse, or deny it. It is not the churches fault, The hearts of men have turned to the things of this world. We don’t need another program to fit men’s needs. We need to keep preaching the Word and men need to repent. We are experiencing the apostasy that Jesus spoke of.

    • alex :) · December 24, 2013

      a-men. While I think that there is hypocrisy in the Church is also a huge annoying factor, you hit the nail on the head.

    • Thomas Skrodzki · December 24, 2013

      You are right there doesn’t need to be another program. Just as much as it is important to reach out to the unsaved it is equally important to disciple those that are already saved. If there isn’t strong foundation and deep roots in this generation then they will turn to the worldly pleasures because that’s “what everyone else is doing”
      I see to many church’s focused on growth and getting “bigger” but forget about the ones whom are already there, until they are gone that is. It is to easy to just think as long as we see them at church on Sunday everything is good on there life, then there is that one Sunday they aren’t there but not noticed missing until several weeks have passed by. It’s a lot harder to get them back then it is to disciple them while they are there.
      So any pastors reading this, Don’t focus so much on growth – focus on building a strong foundation with deep spiritual roots and the growth will natural happen.

      A weak foundation with a “large non discipled membership”creates a lot of corrupt weight that will cause the church to collapse.

      • chasegentes · December 25, 2013

        Thanks for the response man!

      • Lettie · May 5, 2017

        Suipsrringly well-written and informative for a free online article.

    • chasegentes · December 25, 2013

      Great point, Tim!

  3. Speak Definitively · December 25, 2013

    Hypocrisy in the Church seems to be the biggest issue. Being of the generation in question I can say that my personal disgust with it is paramount to my avoiding the Church. Its not the Church I don’t like, its the relationships with the people I find there. There is a church in my hometown that started on the basis that hypocrisy was a problem that needed fixing… its the largest, fastest growing church in town, and the majority of its members are of my generation. They are always welcoming, and though they are desperate for room to grow I have never felt pressured to put up money like I have at numerous other churches.

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