Why The Braves Are Moving

I have to say that I was just as shocked as everyone else today when I heard the Braves were packing up and moving from The Ted. It’s a pretty surreal moment for any Braves fan. Honestly, I think what shocks me even more is how angry and over-the-top fans are acting about the whole ordeal.

The Braves organization has, I am sure, put in the time and money to research this decision. It was not handled nearly as poorly as the Falcons have handled their new stadium build.

All that to say, who really cares? It’s a freaking game! I am and always will be a Braves fan. There is no other MLB team I could ever put my support behind like I have the Braves. BUT, it’s just a stadium. By the way, it’s only going to be a 13 mile difference.

As I read all the hate and frustration on social media it starts to turn my stomach. Aren’t there more pressing issues at hand? We tend to get so worked up over the littlest, meaningless things in life. I wonder when Christ followers will actually stand up for other things and blow up twitter about them. Hey, I’m guilty. I have to challenge myself daily to be more concerned with Christ’s eternal kingdom than building my own.

So, let’s put the smartphones down at some point today and actually go outside, breathe in that nice fall air, and heck–crack open the Word of God if you feel really crazy! When we see how Jesus wants us to live it may cause us to blow up social media with some real radical things.

Go Braves!


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