Your Mom Goes To College!

This post has nothing to do with the above statement. I just thought it would be funny…

I have been enrolled at Liberty University for a LONG time. The good news — I am finally a senior! The bad news — I still have 11 classes I need to take and it is NOT cheap!

My wife and I have refused to take out student loans and have been paying out of pocket. This has not been easy but we know that in the end it will be worth it. All this said, we need to raise/make/find around $11,000 for me to finish school.

Here is where you come in. (No, I am not asking you to give us money) I need to book up EVERY Wednesday and EVERY Sunday through August. So if you know ANY churches that may need a worship leader or speaker for any dates that are listed below PLEASE let me know or pass my name along. I am willing to drive up to 2 hours from Atlanta.

16- Booked
19- Available
23- Booked
26- Available
30- Booked

July- entire month wide open!
3- Available
7- Booked
10- Available
14- Available
17- Available
21- Available
24- Available
28- Booked
31- Available

August- entire month wide open!

You can direct your worship leader, lead pastor, youth pastor, or whoever to my website for video or information on me:

As I get these dates filled I will keep you posted. Thank you in advance for at least praying and passing my name on! I need all the help I can get.

I will also be releasing a FULL length album soon (10 songs, maybe more) to help with this venture as well. So be sure to pick that up too when it is released!



One comment

  1. Dayana · May 3, 2017

    That’s a sharp way of thninkig about it.

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