Why My iPhone Sucks

The older I get and the more I try and pay attention to my surroundings, the more I realize how smartphones have changed the world. Wow–talk about a run-on sentence. Think about it, how many times throughout the day are you looking at your phone? Checking Twitter, Facebook, email, texts? I am so guilty of this.

I was reading through some notes I took while listening to Jim Collins speak once. He challenged the audience to turn off their phone/computers for at least two days every two weeks. The reason? He said it robs us from calm thinking. Interesting.

I have challenged myself to do something about this issue. The last thing I want to do is ignore my wife, friends, and family while playing with this little device. So many times I think to myself how lost I would be without my iPhone. Truth be told, so many of us get lost with it. How many times have you been in the middle of a conversation and then realize, “wait, I have no clue what they are saying.” Because you were too busy looking at an Instagram of what some random person you don’t even know ate for lunch? I’ve been there.

So here is what I am challenging myself to do: put the phone in my pocket during dinner, a meeting, a conversation so that I am present. The last thing I need is another distraction when trying to have a conversation. Our minds should not have to be split between the virtual world and our reality. Join me in being present with the people you do life with. Life is too short to be tweetbookagraming. Yeah, you see what I did there? Hope you have a great week!


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