Daddy hit Mommy

How awkward is it when you’re minding you’re own business when, all of a sudden, your boss walks in and starts chewing your co-worker out…in front of you?!? It’s like that daddy-hit-mommy moment at the dinner table. Luckily I never experienced that, but nevertheless I compare the two.

Leaders, you do not have to call out/embarrass your employees or co-workers by using them as a punching bag in front of other employees. I can promise you, it does not cause them to respect you more. It actually has the opposite effect.

Just think of how much better your people would work if you treated them with respect? Taking them into another room and with compassionate sternness (may have made that one up) telling them how they can improve as a team member. This will go much further than yelling at them in front of other employees.

Even though the person receiving the reprimand may be a little frazzled, they will respect the fact you had the decency to take them aside instead of confronting them in front of their peers.

Have you ever been in this situation before? How do you think it should be handled?


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