Guitar, Drums, and U2.

I love music. I love the different sounds great guitar players get out of their set up. I love the crispness of a good snare hit. I love to feel the kick in my chest when I’m in front of the sub. I love the perfect combination of reverb and delay (U2). Not to mention the crispness and power behind a voice like Bono’s.

Why did God created me to think and feel this way? Worship.

Think about how many people FREAK out about their favorite singer/band. Lifting their hands, screaming, crying, jumping up and down. Going CRAZY!

We were created to feel this way because we were/are created to worship something. Sadly we terminate our worship on God’s stuff (creation) instead of God himself (creator).

What are you are passionate about? How can you worship Jesus through your passions?


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