What’s Your Price?

Today I went to lunch with a friend. When we first arrived at the restaurant I had to go to the restroom… When I walked into this restroom my eye immediately caught some change laying on the floor. The sad thing: I didn’t even think twice about picking it up… I just let it lay there. Yes, most of my thought process, more than likely, brought the nasty floor into account. But honestly, why the heck would I not pick up free money?? Would you??

I just want to open this up for discussion…. how much would have to be laying on the ground for you to pick it up? Put yourself in my shoes though… you’re in a public restroom (and trust me, the men’s restroom is NEVER pretty!) This was around 15 cents (or 6… I didn’t get a good look at the smaller coin, just the nickel.) So, what’s your price for picking up dirty, wet, smelly money?


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