Flying Clocks

Time really does fly. I remember when I was still in high school and wanted so badly to get out of there! I thought I was wasting my time in school, I really did. I did not see the long-term benefits of learning the periodic table. Even to this day, why the heck did I have to memorize those stupid things? I am not a freaking scientists and I never will be (I will never say never…. Justin Beiber baby!) Just a side note…my wife hates that I always find a way to sing everything I say. I can always connect it to a song somehow. Now, looking back at the past 7 years, I cannot believe I thought I was wasting my time… Honestly, I have been OUT of high school longer than I was in it. That is a strange feeling.

Today I was reading a twitter post from a friend about an annual event his church puts together and it reminded me how it was over a year ago that I was involved in it. Has it really been that long? Sometimes I think about people I haven’t talked to in a while and realize it’s been MUCH longer than I had first thought. There are some “friends” that I haven’t spoken with in months, and others years! Wow, I’m a great friend! (Of course friendship goes both ways…it’s not like my phone has been ringing off the hook here…)

Time is such a funny thing. We have to live our lives by it. We go to work at a certain time, lunch at a certain time, home at a certain time, dinner, bed, and the list could get longer and longer I’m sure. Our bodies even have this interesting thing called a “circadian rhythm” which is like our internal time mechanism (clock). That is just crazy to try and comprehend. I know there is some scientific explanation of why our bodies work on this circadian rhythm, but I honestly cannot grasp it.

There have been times, one time recently, that I have woken up and just KNEW it was time for the alarm to go off…then I find that I forgot to set the alarm in the first place. Wouldn’t you know, it was exactly the time my alarm was going to go off that I woke up. That’s just freaky! I can even wake up around 2 a.m. and I know that it’s only around 2 or 2:30. Again, this is crazy, and again I can’t explain exactly how it works — it just does.

The question that puzzles me is how come I don’t feel like it’s been YEARS since I graduated high school. I mean I acknowledge the fact it has been a long time, but I cannot FEEL the time. I don’t even know if I’m making sense, but maybe someone out there will get me. I don’t FEEL 25, I don’t FEEL like I’m getting older. I KNOW I’m getting older, and I can see it in the mirror, but I’m honestly not feeling it yet.

So to wrap up this nonsense… I was reminded today that everyday is another opportunity God has given us to do something. You may have heard the quote, “If you’re alive today, God isn’t through with you yet.” Well, I truly believe that. I know there is a specific purpose for every single day I’m left on this earth. I also know that in all things my purpose is to bring Jesus glory and praise… which I really suck at most of the time. I may be grasping for straws here, but if I could offer any encouragement today it would be this:

Tomorrow is never going to get here.  Live in the moment. Live for today.

Time flies and years fade quickly. I know that in another 7 years everything will be different then it is right now. 7 years ago I wanted to be a rock star… today I am happily married with a mortgage and a desk job… and guess what ——– I freakin love it! God puts you in front of specific people for a specific purpose….how you handle it is up to you!


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