How Do You Pray?

When you pray, who do you pray to? Jesus, God, Holy Spirit? I am very curious to get some different perspectives. Please comment!



  1. Gary Edward Kienel · February 1, 2012

    Interesting question, Chase. I have touched on this during teachings before, and typically, strongly, with much Biblical support, encourage praying with the Father. However, Jesus also spoke on occasions of “you will ask Me” – and there is also strong precedent for “calling on the Holy Spirit” to move and take action. For me, I have become at peace in the Trinity now, and since God is Father, Son & Holy Spirit, then, though I tend, myself, to speak to “Father” in most cases, I find that if I am needing brotherly, or friend-to-friend, conversation, I pray with Jesus; if it is counsel or grace-empowerment that is needed, I pray with the Holy Spirit; and when my prayers are about His Majesty & Greatness, or needs for the miraculous, I pray with the Father. But it has become critical to me to grasp the Truth, that no matter which manifestation of the Lord God Jehovah I am praying with, that I am praying with The One True GOD. (Notice I use “with” and not “to”, as it reinforces to me, that it is a conversation with, not a dialog to, when I am in prayer. A conversation in which I need to talk less, and listen more!) Thanks for letting me share! I look forward to other responses.

  2. Chris Neal · February 3, 2012

    Since God is recognized in the three distinct persons of the trinity then prayer to any seems reasonable. It is in the blood of Christ that we have access to rhetorically dominion of God the Father we should definitely make petitions to Jesus who intercedes. Does it matter tho?

    • chasegentes · February 3, 2012

      Thanks for your input man!

  3. gregkey · February 3, 2012

    Chase…. if you support the Trinity (a triune God), then you pray to all the above.

    1: God- as demonstrated by Jesus in His response to the disciples in Matthew 6. They asked Him how to pray, and He started with His address to God the Father “Hallowed by Your name…”

    2: Jesus- the author of Hebrews reminds us in Ch. 4 that Jesus is our great “High Priest”. One of the primary roles of the High Priest was to intercede on behalf of the people to God the Father. So we pray to Jesus as well for “there is One mediator between God & Man, the man Christ Jesus.” 1 Timothy 2:5

    3: Holy Spirit- we also pray to the Holy Spirit who is sent by Jesus so that we would not be orphans in His absence (John 14). Romans 8:26 tells us that the Holy Spirit will intercede for us in times we do not know what to say.

    So…. instead of asking the question is it a, b, or c. Maybe we should say, “When we pray, how do we involve all 3 members of the Godhead? …God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit.

    I remember 1 time when I was a boy, my father & I were in line at a store. I saw someone in the next lane over that I couldn’t tell if they were a boy or a girl. So I asked my dad, “Hey Dad. Is that a boy or a girl.” He looked and gave me his answer, “Sure is Son.” 🙂 hahahaha

    So, “Do we pray to God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit?” … “We sure do Son”! 🙂 Great question!

    • chasegentes · February 3, 2012

      That’s my exact belief bro, I believe that we should include the whole trinity in our prayers because that is the all-encompassing God.

      • gregkey · February 3, 2012

        Here Here! You really are more than just a guy with toms, skinny jeans, & half a manikin for shirt sales 🙂 hahaha

  4. Joe Melton · February 3, 2012

    Third Day had it figured out when they wrote ‘You Are So Good To Me’.

  5. amanwithahammer · February 4, 2012

    I pray to/with God. Not distinguishing either of the three.

    My theological explanation on that goes into the whole trinity thing, which is another conversation….

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