Worship Tunes

I am always looking for new worship music to learn and to grab hold to. I, 9 times out of 10, fall back to Hillsong. The songwriters/musicians at Hillsong are so talented and they always have a clever way of making music. One of the things I love about their music is that it stays on the cutting edge of what the whole scope of music is doing. I enjoy Tomlin, Redman, and those types of artists, but there is just something about the driving guitars of Hillsong and the hard hitting drums that bring me back over and over.

So all that to ask if anyone would like to introduce me to some other worship artists/bands that would be great. Comment below or just shoot an email to info@chasegentes.com!



  1. Eric Castillo · February 1, 2012

    I hate plugging a band I’ve played in but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think the music was quality stuff! Decide for yourself…

    • chasegentes · February 1, 2012

      Thanks man, I appreciate your honesty! I’ll check it out ASAP!

  2. Gary Edward Kienel · February 1, 2012

    Here are a few new worship tunes that I have been blessed by, some by bands I had never heard of:

    Hurricane, by SameState
    Can’t Get Over You, by Anthem Lights
    As The Deer, by Matt Gilman
    Give Me Faith, by Elevation Worship (other great songs by them too)
    Carry Me To The Cross, by Kutless (brand new single)

    Are you on Spotify? I have a WORSHIP 2012 playlist & a Potential Worship Songs playlist that has many more newer worship songs I am checking out or have started to us.

    ~ Gary

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