Football Season

Well, football season is upon us. I am a big Georgia Football fan, but over the past few seasons I have tried to not take it too seriously. For me it’s extremely easy to get so caught up in the emotion of the game. In the past, if UGA lost, I would be in the worst mood for about 5 days. The wins were huge and the losses were miserable.

I was listening to a pastor that I revere above most communicators and he was talking about my problem. I say it was a problem because I let the wins or losses control my emotions. This pastor was talking about idolatry and worshiping rightly. It became apparent to me that I was putting a bunch of sweaty twenty year olds on the throne instead of Jesus. Sound extreme? Well, I want to challenge you today as the games are being played. I ask you this– When your team loses, how do you react? I also challenge you to compare how over-the-top you are in yelling at the tv, throwing your hands up in the air when your team scores a TD to how you worship God.

Is there really anything wrong with these actions? I find myself still yelling at bad calls, freaking out when Georgia gets a first down, and then jumping off the couch when we score! Here is the ultimate question: do you worship Jesus as enthusiastic as you worship that team?

Maybe it’s easier to worship these teams because we can actually see what’s happening. It’s kinda hard at times to see God moving isn’t it? I will encourage you to remember that we fight a war against the spiritual forces of evil (Ehesians 6:12). This chapter is talking about the armor of God. Are you covering yourself? It’s easy to brush this off and think it’s too spiritual… But if you really think about it, you will sure find that it makes sense.


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